Implementing PPIR Update Cocktail Functions

Aug 14, 2011

The PPIR Team



Presentations on progress in implementing the PPIR strategy were recently given to wide ranging audiences, hosted at excellent facilities by Norton Rose in each of their Sydney and Brisbane offices.

Steering Committee Chairman Stuart McGill welcomed guests from a broad spectrum of stakeholders including those from the public and private sectors as well as senior representatives from professional and industry associations.

Management Committee Chairman Ian Dart and Project Director Christine Kanellakis then provided details of the scope of the Implementation Project and progress to date. Achievements that were highlighted included:

  • The establishment of volunteer teams for Communications, Education, Industry Adoption and Standards Development;
  • The commitment of Uhde Shedden and Queensland Department of Main Roads to adopt the PPIR Protocol;
  • Persuading the National Engineering Registration Board to include a performance standard within their strategy;
  • A submission to include PPIR principles in the Professional Engineers Act of Queensland , which proposal was subsequently endorsed by a RPEQ multi-party working group;
  • Numerous presentations to executives of supporting organisations; and
  • Work being done to address the alignment of the proposed PPIR Hazard and Risk Framework with ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard.

Keen interest was evident from the question and answer sessions at both events and it is clear that support for the project is fast gathering momentum.

Importantly, the project team was given significant positive feedback and suggestions for follow-up, and these will be attended to in coming weeks.

The project team reiterates its gratitude to Norton Rose for their invaluable support in supplying the facilities for these and other events. Similar evenings are being planned for other states.


Post by The PPIR Team