PPIR presented at IP30 seminar

The PPIR Program was presented at the latest in a series of panel sessions being run by The Warren Centre under the banner IP30, which addresses the need for improved infrastructure productivity to achieve potential savings of $30 billion a year.

PPIR Advisory Board member John Nurse described how PPIR had been developed by an independent team of industry leaders working under the auspices of The Warren Centre, with input and review by a wide range of senior practitioners and participation of many of the major players in the Australian engineering industry and profession. This provides a template for successful delivery of further programs, such as IP30.

The IP30 program has identified four main areas of addressing infrastructure productivity: Culture, Process, Governance and Technology. PPIR provides tools to help address the first two aspects in particular.

Within the “Culture” area, the application of the PPIR Protocol for Engagement by stakeholders would assist in driving a better approach to innovation, improved accountability and a “best for project“ approach to risk allocation.

Under the “Process” heading, the PPIR approach would help drive improved collaboration between project participants.

It is expected that the potential for application of PPIR to improve infrastructure project productivity will be one of the topics under development as IP30 moves into its project phase in 2016.

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Post by The PPIR Team