PPIR team engages with engineering educators at AAEE 2015

In December 2015, Ashley Brinson and John Nurse from the PPIR team attended the Australian Association of Engineering Educators (AAEE) conference at Deakin University’s Geelong campus.

Ashley and John ran a workshop on the PPIR Program and engaged with engineering educators on the potential application of the PPIR Program within engineering education.

These interactions were extremely valuable and identified a very wide range of teaching areas in which the introduction of professional performance skills and understanding could assist in the education of engineering students.

The areas that we identified for further study included not only preparation for application of the PPIR Protocol in professional practice, but also the development of skills in learning and teamwork as well as understanding of engagement with industry project management and complex projects.

To find out more on the ways the PPIR Program can be applied in the tertiary sector, along with the available tools and curriculum materials, you can visit our PPIR for Education section. If you are involved in tertiary education, you are also very welcome to contact us in order to discuss your ideas on how you can best include the PPIR Program in your syllabus.

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Post by The PPIR Team