University of Sydney first to introduce PPIR

In a first for tertiary institutions, the PPIR Protocol for Professional Performance will be introduced in the ENGG1111 Integrated Engineering course at the University of Sydney in both semesters in 2016. The program will reach almost all first year engineering undergraduates.

The Warren Centre’s PPIR Protocol was written as part of the PPIR Program to define how engineers should undertake their work, especially the human element of professional attention and delivery. In round-table discussions covering a broad cross-section, we have recorded what constitutes professional performance in Australian engineering. In an aspirational sense, the initiative seeks to transfer the collective wisdom of the profession to newcomer practitioners in engineering.

Following engagement with the Group of Eight Deans of Engineering and an introduction to the 35 members of the Australian Council of Engineering Deans (ACED) in 2015, now for the first time, the PPIR Program is entering undergraduate engineering education through various initiatives, of which the University of Sydney’s is the first to come to fruition.

While PPIR content for active career engineers is mature and has been presented dozens of times to hundreds of engineers, the PPIR team are adapting and developing instructional content for students with no industry experience to guide learning by the case study method using real world situations where technical skills must be blended with interpersonal skills in the complex commercial situations of the modern engineering marketplace.

The intention is also to explore a more detailed consideration of the PPIR Program later in the degree course and work will start on this in the coming months. To follow our progress through 2016 and to get more information, view our Education section.


Image by Jason James. Some rights reserved.

Post by The PPIR Team